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Sampling Services


GeoAnalytical Laboratories provides environmental sampling services at the rate of $50 per hour for labor and 50 cents per mile travel expenses.  Our samplers must pass the 40 Hour OSHA training course and an annual 8 hour refresher course.


Field Sampling Equipment List


Pump Truck- equipped with:

Farley Steam/Pressure Washer

Briggs and Stratton 3HP Water Pump

General 3500XL Generator

300 Gallon Poly Holding Tank

30 Gallon Poly Tank for DI Water

Grundfos 4" Stainless Steel Pump

30 Gallon Propane Tank

Lines and hoses


Sampling Trailer - equipped with:

Honda EB6500 Generator

Grundfos 2" Submersible Stainless Steel Pump

Grundfos 4" Single Phase Stainless Steel Pump

300 Gallon Poly Holding Tank

1 1/2" and 2" Stainless Steel Core Samplers

Solinst Depth Meters (3)


ISCO 3700 Programmable 24 hour autosampler


                Two Ford F-150 trucks for sample pick-up


                Ford Ranger pickup equipped with 4-wheel drive


                Geo Metro car for courier service


                Chevrolet Venture van for courier service